Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors

Happy (early) Birthday, Yayoi! 89 has never looked so good. You’ve given us your best self and shared your work with the world. Your pieces will continue to capture the hearts of audiences for eternity.

On Friday, I finally had an opportunity to visit the Infinity Mirrors exhibit by Yayoi Kusama. For many years, I’ve been itching to see the artwork by Kusama. To be honest, this exhibit intrigued me because of the photos I saw online.

I learned very quickly that Kusama’s exhibit is more than just shots ‘for the ‘gram’.

Before going to the Art Gallery of Ontario, I did my research about Kusama and learned so much about her brilliant mind. I discovered that she had a troubled childhood and fought for her passion. From being beaten by her mother and having to spy on her father’s extramarital sexual affairs, Kusama suffered. Her fear of sex and sexual obsession stemmed from this experience. This was especially clear with rooms such as Phalli’s Field. At the age of 10, Kusama began experiencing hallucinations – flashes of light or dense compilations of dots. These hallucinations are what comprise the majority of her work. The rooms such as The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away and Life is the the Heart of a Rainbow.

In 1957, she moved to the United States to advance her art career. Mirroring the times, Kusama staged many art performances and work that involved fashion, body painting during festivals and anti-war demonstrations. Her work gained popularity in the Western world. 1973 was the year when Kusama decided to move back to Tokyo. A few years later is when she made the decision to live in a mental hospital.

From the 70’s to now, Kusama continues to work on her art during the day at a nearby studio to the hospital where she lives.

Yayoi Kusama is the most expensive living female artist today. (arthive.com)

After learning all that I have, I appreciate the mind of Kusama 1000x more than I did. Her mesmerizing pieces are timeless and should be seen by all. If you haven’t had to opportunity to visit this exhibit (and manage to get your hands on some tickets), I highly recommend that you go.

Watch this video with Yayoi Kusama herself to understand the life of this artist.
(Shoutout to @spacesinbetweengallery for sending me this video)

Here are some of my photos from my visit to the Infinity Mirrors: