Hakuna Matata, Wakanda!

*Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen Black Panther (or The Lion King) I suggest you go watch it before you read on*

Numbers don’t lie. The Black Panther movie has been number one for the fifth weekend straight. BP is very quickly becoming a household superhero name. A few weeks ago, when I watched BP for the first time, I noticed many similarities between this Marvel movie and Disney’s The Lion King. There’s no doubt that The Lion King is arguably the best Disney film ever.

1. Prince turned King

The Lion King: Simba’s father, Mufasa, died during an antelope stampede (masterminded by Scar). It took longer for Simba to assume his role as king. However, when he did, he was a great one.
Black Panther: T’Challa’s father, T’Chaka, died in an explosion (masterminded by Erik Killmonger). T’Challa rose to his duty to becoming Wakanda’s new king and wanting the best for his people.

Both of these kings followed their father’s footsteps while making a mark for themselves.

2. Battle of the Throne

The Lion King: Scar kills Mufasa and convinces young Simba that it was his fault. Which leads Simba to disappear for years, handing over Pride Rock to Scar.
Black Panther: T’Challa loses the battle against his cousin, Erik Killmonger. This defeat results in Erik becoming the King of Wakanda.

3. Trees

The Lion King: The Tree of Life in The Lion King signifies immortality. As a place for new beginnings and growth, this tree is an important symbol throughout the movie.
The Black Panther: The scene where T’Challa visits his family tree is one of my favourite scenes. Going back generations, he visits past rulers of Wakanda. He is told to make his own mark and learn from their mistakes.

4. Lovers and Friends

The Lion King: Nahla, sticking by Simba’s side no matter what. 
Black Panther:
Nakia, she has more on her mind than just being with T’Challa. Saving the world is just one of those things on her to-do list.

5. Long Live the Queen

The Lion King: While mourning the death of Mufasa, Sarabi did whatever it took for her son to take his rightful place back on Pride Rock.
Black Panther:
Ramonda, supporting T’Challa and reminding him of how his father ruled Wakanda.


6. Badass Women Army

The Lion King: Remember the battle of Pride Rock between Simba and Scar? Who had Simba’s back? The pride. His pride that fought were all female lions.
Black Panther: Two words: Dora Milaje. These women are the embodiment of fierce and powerful. Their duty is to protect Wakanda and they do so with their entire heart.

7. Spiritual Ones

The Lion King: Rafiki, is mistaken as a lunatic. However, whatever he says holds truth. As a faithful friend to Mufasa, Rafiki is overjoyed when he learns Simba is alive. He leads Simba to learn about his roots and how to communicate with his father.
Black Panther: Zuri was also a loyal friend and advisor to T’Chaka. After the king’s death, Zuri made it his duty to stand by T’Challa’s side to guide him through his kingship.

8. Steal the Throne

The Lion King: Needless to say, Scar takes over Pride Rock.
Black Panther: Erik Killmonger defeats T’Challa in the battle of Wakanda and takes the throne as King of Wakanda.

Both of these rulers were short-lived and die once Simba and T’Challa resurface.
*hair flip emoji*

9. Sunsets

The Lion King: The scene where Mufasa is showing Simba the land of which they rule over is one of the most memorable scenes of the movie. This sunset represents the change of time. In this case, Simba is on his way to learning the ropes about being king.
Black Panther: When Killmonger is dying, T’Challa shows his the best view of Wakanda before he passes. This sunset is symbolizing the change of the time with the way T’Challa is planning on ruling Wakanda.