#GaltLove: No Udder

Since their opening on June 1st, No Udder has been a rising name within the Cambridge area. As its name suggests, No Udder is a dairy-free ice cream parlour located in Galt. With only one location, this ice cream parlour is a novelty in the Waterloo Region and is definitely worth making the trip to Downtown Cambridge.

Each flavour is completely vegan – including the chocolate chips. As a dairy alternative, the ice cream provided is made out of coconut milk. Not only is it delicious, the coconut milk provides health benefits such as improving digestion and replenishing electrolytes. To ensure a variety of flavours, each week customers can expect something different. Some staple flavours include mango, lavender, chocolate, and mint chocolate chip.

The fiancé duo, Emily Dwornikiewicz and Darren Drouillard, had the vision to bring vegan ice cream to Cambridge. Last week, I had the opportunity to chat with Emily to learn more about their vision behind No Udder and how it came fruition:

What inspired you guys to create No Udder?
Both my fiancé and I have a dairy sensitivity. We were discussing that there isn’t a place for us to buy ice cream. From this discussion, the idea of No Udder got started.

I’ve been working alongside Natalie, the owner of Nature’s Vibe, for many years. She had mentioned to me that there was an interest in vegan-based ice cream. After hearing this, Darren and I put together the idea for a business that provides dairy-free ice cream. We felt there was a need for a dairy alternative for many people who  have a sensitivity, who have chosen to go vegan/vegetarian with their diet, or who are looking for a healthier option.

Who are your suppliers?
We have a few different sources that we use. We work closely with two suppliers. Fairly Frosted is our main supplier from Hamilton and Four All is out of Kitchener. Every week we get ice cream that was made within the same week. For example, the order that we got today was made two days ago to ensure freshness. We refuse to buy big bulks so we can guarantee each scoop is as fresh as it can possibly be.

How has the community responded to No Udder?
I’ve seen on social media that a lot of people think we’re a huge franchise but we’re truly just a mom and pop shop. We see the amazing potential that Galt has to offer. Our biggest reason for opening in Downtown Cambridge, versus anywhere else, is that we have the hope to show the public how much growth this area is capable of.

What else would you like others to know about No Udder?
We recently partnered with Galt Juice to make ice cream sandwiches. The ice cream is sandwiched between the Galt Juice quinoa cookie. So, it’s dairy-free and gluten-free. Making partnerships like this is a great way to connect with other awesome local businesses.

Beat this summer heat and take a trip to No Udder today! The ice cream shop serves fresh scoops daily from Wednesday to Sunday.

Be sure to visit No Udder tomorrow (July 6th) at the grand opening event of the Old Post Office in Downtown Galt.

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Check out some up-close pictures of the delicious and dairy-free flavours available at No Udder.

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