Peace out, 2018!

Another year has come and gone and to be completely honest, I’m happy about it.

As I was scrolling through Instagram stories this morning, I saw yearly highlights being posted from the people I follow. I decided to jump on the bandwagon and join in. As I was posting my archived stories, I thought, “what am I doing?”

I wanted to make it look like my 2018 was fantastic on social media – while in reality, it wasn’t.

This year was definitely a transformative year for me. From loss, sadness, and heartbreak came growth, strength, and appreciation.

Here are 18 life lessons I learned in 2018:

1. Don’t take your loved ones for granted – humans and pets. Hug them closer and tighter each and every day. Tell them how much you love them.

2. Be (the) present. Your time is the most valuable gift you can give anyone. When you’re with someone, put your phone down and appreciate the company you’re in.

3. Money really doesn’t grow on trees. (Literally and figuratively since Canadian bills are plastic)

4. The world of social media is a lonely place. How is it possible that we feel more alone now with more opportunities to connect with people?

I could talk about this forever, but in the meantime, check out The American Meme on Netflix.

5. Your life may not turn out how you expect. You may lose ties with people who you thought were going to be there forever.

And that’s ok.

Sometimes taking a detour is necessary for the plan you’re meant for.

6. Don’t judge someone based on their job. “Treat the janitor with the same respect as you would the CEO” – saw that on Facebook.

7. Drink lots of water… And wine.

8. Learning doesn’t stop once you graduate.

9. Say what you need to say – pretty sure there’s a John Mayer song with those exact words. Speak your mind. If don’t speak up, you won’t be heard.

10. Don’t waste time. Invest the time you have by improving yourself or doing something productive.

11. Surround yourself with people who you want to become. My mom has always said “show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are” and this has stuck with me. If your friends are Negative Nancy’s, guess what you’re going become? A Negative Nancy. Choose your people wisely.

12. A salad isn’t a real meal.

13. The grieving process is different for everyone.

14. Don’t give up on something that you find difficult. Work through it and don’t take the easy way out. You got this.

15. Travel everywhere and have as many experiences as your wallet will allow.

16. Give with your whole heart.

17. Your mind and heart are two fighting forces that ultimately want the best for you.

18. Everything will work out. Maybe not the way you wanted, but it will.

I’m excited to see what 2019 has in store. Wishing you all the best for your next trip around the sun.

Here’s to a new year, new experiences, and new lessons!