Get ovary it

WOAH, it’s been over a year since I’ve written on this blog – that’s how you know I feel passionate to address something.

I follow many feminist and female empowerment accounts on social. I repost content that is interesting and important to share.

On October 4, I was notified by Instagram that a repost that I made to my story from the account @feminist went against Instagram’s community guidelines.

Here’s the screenshot of the notification I received:

And here’s the original post:

The caption in the post quotes the photographer, Robin Holland, saying “…People are perfectly happy to see women as sex objects but the actual biology of our bodies is apparently gross and unmentionable.”

THERE IS SO MUCH TO UNPACK HERE. Obviously what Robin said was true – there was an issue with me reposting a photo of a woman’s legs with a tampon string between them…in 2020. But there aren’t any issues with the Kardashians doing what they do on social. Once I posted the screenshot of the notification to my story, so many women reached out to me thinking it was ridiculous. One of those accounts being @shopehereforher, who told me this happens so often. Lo and behold, it happened to their post a few days later, with a shirt that said OVARY.


Here’s that post:

This led me to ask, why are we so quick to accept sexualization of women’s bodies over normalizing and PRAISING what they can biologically do? Like many women, I’ve experienced times where I felt like my biology was failing me. I know that if I wasn’t able to learn from other women and their testimonies, I would’ve felt alone.

Here’s what I’m saying, if you have any issues with the following, you probably shouldn’t try to have any women in your life:

  • women bleed every month,
  • a tampon string is normal,
  • the words ovary, menstrual, ovulation, blood or vagina are allowed.
  • get out of the store if you feel uneasy walking in the menstrual product aisle

If you’re just as frustrated by this as I am, I encourage you to normalize women’s bodies by having conversations. Keep posting and reposting content that normalizes women so these major social media organizations change their policies. Start learning about the female body and all of the intricacies that come along with it – it’s truly amazing what we can do.